An AVGS covers costs

For job seekers, the costs for job application coaching are covered by the employment agency through an activation and placement voucher (AVGS)

Jutta Platen
Jutta Platen

What is an activation and placement voucher (AVGS)?

Activation and placement vouchers (AVGS) are issued by the employment agencies or job centers. As a jobseeker can use this voucher to hire private consulting and training companies. For example to support your job search or provide job application training.

Individual Jobcoaching with AVGS

During the career orientation phase I will guide you in discovering your skills, strengths and personality traits.

So you’ll head right for a career that fulfills you!

My career coaching will help you understand the German job market: Requirements needed for the jobs you’re looking for and which steps to take to meet those criteria.

Job and Career coaching - via AVGS
Job and Career coaching - via AVGS

As an essential part of the career coaching process, we will work out detailed plans – also on how to further your career and qualifications once you have reached your initial goals.

Naturally, I will also support you in all practical aspects of the job application process:

From first finding desired jobs. Over creating the optimal CV. To rehearsing for an interview.

Additionally, I’ll help you navigate the education market: How to find and apply for the most suitable jobs. Cover the costs of your education. And choose a path that will increase your chances of obtaining a formal German qualification – for a prosperous and successful career.

In a nutshell:

We’ll maximize your chances at getting a job you’ll love – an AVGS covers your costs.


You can apply for an activation and placement voucher at the employment agency or your job center.

If you receive ALG I, you are usually entitled to an AVGS. In case you receive ALG II, the activation and placement voucher is issued at your discretion as a so-called optional benefit.

You can apply for an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) if you are receiving unemployment benefit I (ALG I). This also applies if you top up ALG I with ALG II (Hartz IV). Most important is, that you are in the ALG I system.

If you receive ALG II, your job center has may opt to issue an AVGS to you. Your chances are best if you show initiative as a job seeker and explicitly ask for an AVGS.

Simply submit an application to your responsible case worker at the employment agency or job center.

Either in a personal conversation, by letter, telephone, e-mail and fax.

All it takes is an informal cover letter, refering to the respective paragraphs in the Social Code that apply to your situation.

Adding to ALG I or ALG II, you can also apply due to long-term unemployment or physical disability.

An AVGS can be limited in time and region.

As a rule of thumb, it is issued for 2 months.

It can expire prematurely however if circumstances change – e.g. you take up employment or there’s a change from ALG I to ALG II, etc.).

Yes, an activation and placement voucher absorbs all costs:

From the informational interview to the start of the job application coaching, there are no costs for you.

The job coaching sessions are completely financed by the activation and placement voucher or by the employment agency or job center.

If you are not currently eligible for an activation and placement voucher (AVGS), you can also pay privately.

I’ll be happy to provide you with you an individual offer tailored to your needs.

Jutta Platen
Jutta Platen

If you don’t know how to start…

… you can always contact me to arrange an initial meeting.

I will then provide you with a personalized offer, which you can present to your job center to have the costs covered.

Regards, Jutta