Job & Career Coaching

for your success in the German job market

Jutta Platen

Hi, I’m Jutta

I have a number of years HR and coaching experience and a good knowledge of the German work and education markets.

My goal is to help you have a seamless and successful integration in the job market in Germany.

Use your strengths

Job Search

Based on your strengths, skills and market demands, I will guide you in discovering job options that fit your personality traits.

This will put you on the right track for the career that you desire and that matches your expectations.

My career coaching will help you understand the German job market, the requirements and criteria needed for the jobs you are looking for and how to take the right steps to meet those criteria.

I can help you navigate and understand the education market

Like how to

  • find and apply for the most suitable jobs
  • cover the costs of your education and

  • choose the right path that will realistically increase your chances of obtaining a German formal qualification for a prosperous and successful career

Find your way

An essential part of my career coaching process is to work with you on creating a detailed plan A, B and C.

Which will also include giving you options on how to further your career and qualification prospects once you have reached your initial coaching goals.

I will help you in the job application process

  • from creating the optimal CV and cover letter
  • showing you how to use the different websites and Social Media to find the desired jobs advertised

  • to rehearsing for an interview to maximize your chances of getting that job

If you are currently unemployed or working part time and receiving government support through Job Center or the “Agentur für Arbeit”, you can ask your “Arbeitsvermittler” if they would cover the coaching cost through the “Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein” (AVGS).

Alternatively, you can contact me to arrange an initial meeting, where you can specify your coaching goals and targets, and I can provide you with a personalized offer, which you would need to give your “Arbeitsvermittler” to have the costs covered.

Regards, Jutta